Confirming its proactive spirit, which is an essential part of its “DNA”, Prime Yield is focused on communicating with its stakeholders in “key moments”, either through its own exclusive events or in initiatives where it intervenes at the invitation of other entities and partners.

Prime-Yield discussed the market status at MozamReal 2018

Prime-Yield took part in the largest discussion forum about the Mozambican real estate sector, held on June 20th in Maputo. Catarina Esteves, the company’s director in Mozambique, was one of the speakers at this conference.
The representative took the stage for the panel discussion on the status quo of the Mozambican real estate market. Moderated by Nuno Sá Fialho, from Broun Property Group, the debate brought together the input of several experts with the aim of not only analysing the market’s historical and current performance, but above all to identify its future prospects.
The MozamReal Real Estate Forum was held at the Blu Radisson Hotel & Residence in Maputo. Organized by API Events, the one-day event focused on the Mozambican real estate market, being a platform for private and public investors, developers and industry professionals to discuss the challenges and opportunities of this sector, as well as a privileged moment of networking.

Pictures provided by API Events

Mozambique Real Estate – Investment Summit, 24-26 November 2014, Maputo

Prime Yield was one of the companies participating in this conference dedicated to the property investment market in Mozambique. The event aimed to bring together the leading professionals operating in this sector and unlock the potential of the property market.

Conference 2nd Business Week Mozambique – Portugal – 27 February 2014, Maputo

This conference is aimed at investors, legal experts and other professionals working in the financial system. Prime Yield was one of the companies speaking at the event, presenting the 2014 edition of its research “Mozambique Property Market”.

Mozambique Real Estate Conference, 13 June 2013, Maputo

Co-hosted by Club of Mozambique and Pam Golding, this event gathered the main players of the property industry and presented the latest opportunities for development and investment. Prime Yield was a keynote speaker at the event.

Conference BCI-CGD – Internationalization Meetings Mozambique – 15 to 17 February 2012, Maputo

During this conference, which took place during Tektónica Moçambique, Prime Yield launched its research “Mozambique Property Market.” Since then, Prime Yield MZ has been lauching its annual editions of this report during this fair.

Conference Prime Yield in Portugal: “O Investimento Imobiliário nos Mercados Lusófonos”, 21 May 2010

The conference aimed to provide the attendees with a global vision about opportunities emerging in Angola, Brazil, Cabo Verde and Mozambique. The event invited speakers with high professional experience in these markets and in the following areas:

  • Appropriated investment vehicles in the Portuguese-Speaking markets
  • Financing property development
  • Support to Internationalization process
  • Specific features for analysing property investment in these countries.

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