Prime Yield Mozambique is a company established under Mozambican law and a part of Prime Yield Group, which aims to be a leading company in its operating markets. Supporting its business in four structuring values- independence, international presence, international standards and innovation -, the company specializes in asset valuations and consultancy for companies and other institutional entities, focusing in delivering, through its services, the best tools to support its clients’ decision-making.


With a coverage focused in Portuguese-Speaking markets, Prime Yield has offices in Angola, Brazil, Cabo Verde, Mozambique and Portugal.


The firm activity is organized into two integrated business areas, namely:

  • Asset Valuations – Asset valuations services – both property and movable assets – to institutional clients, based in multidisciplinary premises and procedures, provided by a multi task technical team, which includes architects, economists, engineers and property managers.
  • Consultancy – Specialized in property investment, the consultancy services provide the client a solid basis for decision making in this area. This service allows to follow up all the development process from the point of view of an expertise consultancy, producing reports that enable an analysis and decision regarding the appropriate scenario in each of the developments stages.

Intelligence Services for those who want to achieve excellence.


Estimate the value of assets in an objective way and in the legal frame, building trust between the company and the client, based in independence and competence.


Commitment to the client

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